YST Steam Turbine Centrifugal Chiller

Unbeatable Efficiency at 700 – 2.800 TR (2.460 – 9.850 kW)

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The perfect choice for large combined-heating-and-power (CHP) plants, our YORK® YST Steam Chiller ensures that CHP efficiency is maintained year-round, which means less carbon dioxide and other emissions are exhausted into the atmosphere, making it the truly green solution.

At Johnson Controls, we’ve manufactured the YST Steam Chiller to use your CHP plant’s full potential. Featuring compact packaging and the flexibility to fit any job, our steam turbine chiller is easy to own with sophisticated controls specifically designed for steam.


  • Efficient Performance – Variable speed drive offers class-leading, off-design performance.
  • Industry Leading User Interface – The OptiView™ Control Center ensures easy operation and optimum performance. It offers an industry first; a fully automatic starting of the chiller.
  • Operation Flexibility – The YST chiller has a wide temperature range from 55°F (13°C) entering chilled water temperature to 36°F (2°C) leaving chilled water temperature. The YST offers an alternate energy source by using high pressure steam.
  • Floor Space Savings – The steam condenser is top-mounted, so floor space is no larger than an electric chiller.


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